Heated Pet Mats

Model HM-60s, HM-80M, HM-100L

MODEL HM-60S: 13″ X 19″

MODEL HM-80M: 17″ X 24″

MODEL HM-100L: 24″ X 29″

  • MODEL HM-60S – 30 Watts of Power
  • MODEL HM-80M – 70 Watts of Power
  • MODEL HM-100L – 100 Watts of Power
  • Constructed of durable and weather resistant high impact ABS plastic
  • Designed to automatically heat to your pet’s body temperature range to keep them warm during the cold season
  • Thermostatically controlled to help maintain your pet’s body temperature (100°-105° F)
  • Custom built-in red indicator light shows when the unit is operating
  • Heavy-duty “anti-chew” cord protector to deter your pet from chewing
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use on a hard, flat surface
  • Comes with a Faux Lambskin Fleece Cover
  • Guaranteed for One Year
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Use this guide to determine the appropriate de-icer. Different de-icers should be depending on your application, geographical location, and volume of water. Note, some de-icers are safe in plastic and others are not. Please reach out to Farm Innovators customer service team if you have specific questions about which de-icer to use for your specific needs.

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