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Founded in 1983, Farm Innovators prides itself on being family owned and operated for over 40 years. Developed by farmers for farmers, Farm Innovators is the market leader in bringing innovations and technology to the market. Some of our “FIRSTS” to the industry include:

FIRST to develop the use of epoxy for sealing the wire housing – moisture proof

FIRST to obtain UL Certification & develop the category – safety

FIRST to develop Cast Aluminum De-icers – Safe in plastic without the use of a guard

FIRST to develop a Drain PIug De-icer to custom fit all Rubbermaid® Stock Tanks

FIRST to develop a Heated Rubber Bucket with concealed heating element

FIRST to develop a Birdbath De-icer

FIRST to develop a Pond De-icer

FIRST to develop a Heated Pet Bowl

FIRST to develop a Heated Poultry Fount

FIRST to develop a Heated Water Bottle

For Farmers. By Farmers.

We are committed to improving our industry through quality, innovation, product development, and service. We have brought over twenty new products successfully to the market in the last decade. When you purchase one of our products or choose to feature our products in your local store, you are partnering with a family business that values quality, service, and innovation.

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Our History

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Farm Innovators continues to innovate and provide customers with quality products year after year. Now a third generation family-owned business, quality, service, and innovation still remain the priority each and every day.

Img 2296

Benjamin T. Clark, Sr. founded Farm Innovators in 1983

Img 2295

First design of the Model H-418 Floating Tank De-Icer

Img 2291

A broad look at Farm Innovators first line of stock tank de-icers

Img 2290

Previous versions of both a submergible and floating de-icer

Farm Innovators Products History 2
Farm Innovators now manufacturers over 200+ products

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